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Welcome to Luckhurst Injury Clinic

The number one Sports Medicine and Injury Clinic in Ipswich. Accurate diagnosis, successful treatment and rehabilitation plan using our bespoke smart therapy approach.

Here at Luckhurst Injury Clinic, we know that physiotherapy isn’t “one size fits all”. Thats why we’ve spent thousands of hours developing the perfect treatment framework that’s tailored to suit you.

How does it work

We start by listening to you; Then we use our hands on assessment method which allows us to discover your physical strengths and weaknesses.


We’ll explain everything that we find in terms that you can easily understand, then work WITH you to create a perfect individualised treatment and programme that suits you. This is what we call the “rebuilding” phase.


As you start to “rebuild”, We’ll teach you how to maintain your progress and allow you to continue onwards on your fitness journey.


Here at Luckhurst Injury Clinic, you will only be given the number of sessions that you truly need, depending on the severity of your injury. During your initial consultation your therapist will talk you through everything, so there’s no need to worry about unpleasant surprises when you come to pay the bill.


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What we treat:

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“Age is no barrier. it's a limitation you put on your mind”

— jackie joyner-kersee

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