What do i need to bring?

You only really need to bring yourself; however if you have had any x-rays or MRI scans then please forward these onto the team, along with a current list of any medications you are taking.

We also request that if you have a back or leg injury that you wear shorts; and that women should wear a vest/tank top if you have a shoulder or neck injury.


What if I need to be referred for an X-Ray or MRI?

We can write a referral letter to your GP, explaining what we found and what we believe you need. However, at this current time, we do not offer any private medical imaging.


What happens during my first appointment?

Your initial assessment will start with communication between you and the therapist about background information about yourself and your pain. We will then take your through the wholebody scan system and then into testing the strength of your joints and muscles. We then discuss our findings with you and begin your treatment. This can include anything from soft tissue therapy to cryotherapy. After this, your therapist will sit down and discuss what the condition/injury is called, how we can help and how you can help yourself. During this point feel free to ask any questions to create a better understanding for yourself. Finally, we will plan and create your bespoke program designed to help you reset or rebuild your body.



Can I get a same day appointment?

You can if one of our therapists is available for the time that is convenient for you. We aim to have you seen within 72 hours of your initial contact.


What training do the Luckhurst Injury Clinic team go through?

All of the Luckhurst Injury Clinic are decreed qualified in their respective fields. In addition to their degree training they all have to go through rigorous CPD throughout the year to make sure they are keeping up to date with the latest science and changes in their field of practice.


What sort of conditions do you treat?

We treat all conditions that are related to either your joints, muscles or bones. We can treat;

Neck Pain – Lower back Pain – Frozen Shoulder – Tennis Elbow – Golfers Elbow – Knee Injuries – Ankle Injuries – Sprains and strains to ligaments, tendons, muscle and other soft tissues – Arthritic Conditions – Sports Injuries – Overuse and repetitive strain problems – Post Surgery Rehabilitation – Chronic Pain –

Head over to treatments page to find out about what we offer; If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll talk you through how we can help. 


Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Here at Luckhurst Injury Clinic, we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. You may be charged 50% of the session if you fail to notify 48 hours before the day of your appointment. If you are unable to attend we urge you to notify us as soon as possible, as it allows other people to book into your time slot.


Why should I choose you over NHS or other private practitioners?

  • We aim to see you within 72 hours. No long waiting list
  • We are open at a variety of times as we know you have other commitments.
  • Our prices are affordable. We deliver the same standard of high care but there are no hidden costs
  • We are passionate about helping our clients


How many treatment sessions will I need?

This is often hard to judge as this truly depends on the severity of your pain/injury. Your therapist will discuss the amount of sessions needed after your first appointment. General rule of thumb is that for minor pain or movement tightness we see an improvement in 2-4 sessions. For more major or chronic issues we tend to see improvements in 6-12 sessions. For long term or extreme issues we often see improvement in 15 sessions or more, however this could change. Please don’t panic! you will see slight improvements after every session; this is our guarantee.

Here at Luckhurst Injury Clinic, you will only ever be given the number of sessions that you truly need.



How is Luckhurst Injury Clinic different to other Physio or sports therapy practices?

We start with the belief that our entire musculoskeletal system is connected in one way or another. Most other Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Osteopaths or Chiropractors don’t have the objective of working on anything besides what’s causing you pain. We look at the whole picture and see how your body is ordered and balanced, how it moves and how your issue could actually be caused by something else.


How Long does each session last?

Your initial appointment is 60 minutes and this will most likely be the longest session you will have. Your follow up sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes depending on a variety of factors.


See what sessions we offer here.


Can you help me even if I’m not in pain?

Taking care of your body means taking charge to prevent any injuries from happening. The world we live in means our hip flexors are consistently tight and our mid back is always under stress from being in front of our  computer screens. If you team this with any exercise you do, this could end in disaster.

If you take the time on a monthly basis to address your muscular tension, improve your movement patterns, and address your posture, you can minimise the risk of major problems in the future.



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