Elbow & Arm Pain

Elbow & Arm Pain

Let's Get you pain free

Let’s put an end to the pain without the need of painkillers or surgery or seeing your GP

Do you ever suffer with elbow pain? Or pain that travels up or down your arm. Been to see your GP just to be told it will go away on it’s own only to still have the pain months or years later. Or even gone to see other physiotherapist’s only to be let down by a lack of true understanding of how you feel?

Here in our physio clinic we take an indivudal approach to your elbow pain and find the true underlying cause to prevent any pain returning in months time

We are here to help you. We feel we are the best physiotherapy clinic in Ipswich for understanding and fixing your pain. Book a call or book a discovery session with one of our physiotherapists or sports therapists today. So don’t hesitate to start your journey to a pain free life.

Initial Assessment

Apply Ice to where your pain in located. Leave this on the area for 10-15 minutes and repeat this process every 2-4 hours.


Pick a good physio clinic. The results our clients got at Luckhurst Injury Clinic has allowed them to enjoy their lives pain free and with 100% health regained. 

Deep tissue massage 2

Get the right diagnosis from a physiotherapist. Begin the correct treatment plan which will reduce your pain/ache and help you rebuild. 

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